Ofsted and Annual Reports


We have Ofsted Registration as you will see from our certificate on the premises and have just had our first inspection so now it’s official, we now have an Ofsted rating of ‘Good’ in all areas – the best we could get as a newly opened setting!!!

Ofsted Report 2014– click here to read the full report or if you are short of time here are some snippets:

“Children are motivated learners and progress well as a result of the good quality of teaching.”

“The friendly, caring environment gives children a sense of security and allows them the freedom to explore their own ideas.”

” The good quality of teaching and skilful interaction of staff helps children to progress well.”

“Children play with an impressive range of resources”

“The positive, friendly atmosphere and caring interaction of all staff helps children to develop a strong sense of security.”

“Hygiene arrangements in the pre-school are robust”

” Children use their developing language to engage in animated conversations with their friends and with staff. They confidently share their views, negotiate and make jokes.”

Well done to everyone involved for all their hard work and enthusiasm including of course our lovely children.

Term Dates

*Tuesday 6th June - Friday 21st July

*Tuesday 5th Sept - Friday 20th October

*Monday 30th Oct - Weds 20th Dec

*Thursday 4th Jan- Friday 9th February

*Tuesday 20th February - Thursday 29th March