Ofsted and Annual Reports


We have Ofsted Registration as you will see from our certificate on the premises and we have an Ofsted rating of ‘OUTSTANDING’ in all areas.

Ofsted Report 2023 – click here to read the full report.

  • Children are extremely happy in the welcoming and friendly environment.
  • The curriculum is broad and incredibly well planned to meet the needs of the
  • Children behave impeccably well. They clearly understand the rules and
    expectations that staff have embedded.
  • Children with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) are
    exceptionally well supported. T
  • The dedicated and passionate manager strives for improvement.
  • Leaders ensure that staff have a thorough understanding of their safeguarding
    policies and procedures.

Ofsted Report 2017 – click here to read the full report.

  • Parents are pleased with the constant dialogue they enjoy with their child’s key person. They contribute to their child’s learning records and say that their children are happy and develop good social skills. There are good partnerships with parents.
  • Behaviour is good. Children feel safe and secure. An effective key-person system helps to support children’s self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • When children start at the pre-school, the key person discusses with parents what children can do. From then on, the key person observes children regularly and plans suitable activities to help children achieve their next steps. Children make good progress.

Well done to everyone involved for all their hard work and enthusiasm including of course our lovely children.

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